3 years old

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Ashton is a trooper. Although he still doesn't walk and stopped the little bit of talking he was doing, he still remains extremely happy. Like all babies, he has his moments. He smiles most of the time. 

When my kids were small they loved to watch movies. One of those movies was Ice Age. I remember this movie and the part when the Sabertooth Tiger (Diego) is trying to talk to the baby to cheer him up. He says," Where's the baby". In the movie it actually scared the baby. I say it to Ashton all the time and every time, he jumps, looks shocked, and waits for me to say there he is. If he's in a bad mood, this cheers him up. If I'm on the phone with his mom (my sister) he has the same reaction. 

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