Getting so big!

Although Ashton is still pretty small for his age, he is getting so big! He has come a long way in such a short time. He may have a a serious heart condition, but you would never know it by meeting him. He has such a great personality already. He loves to have visitors. Every time I see or visit Ashton, he opens his big blue/green eyes really wide and smiles=) He is happy most of the time and brightens my day as well as everyone else who has met him and many that have just seen pictures. His smile is contagious. He loves to smile, mostly at himself when taking selfies, most of the time. Soon he will find his hero as many have before him. He will thrive with his new heart. He will grow, learn to crawl, speak, play with his brother and sister, learn to walk, give his parents a hard time, go to school, and live an awesome normal life. He will get so much bigger, and probably be taller than me by the time he's 10. I love you Ashton=)

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Happy kids

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