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Sarina sepulveda
I love you Ashton! I love your smile, you can always make a day better. Every smiling picture makes my day and the day of so many other people. You are an inspiration. As we wait for the call from your mom, and she waits for the pager to go off letting her know a heart is waiting, we will cherish you and hope your health and attitude remain high. I hope I get that call soon, hope you find your hero, hope you can start the next part of your heart journey so you can grow to be a perfect little man. Start to walk and talk, play sports with your brother, sister, and cousins, go to school, and so much more. You have changed the way I look at life and I love you and want the best.
Gina Czysz
Ashton, you are a miracle. I hope when you grow up to do all the amazing things we know you will do, you can look back and know all the love and support you have. I am lucky enough to call your Uncle Eric my best friend. Your parents (Gina and Sal) are such strong and amazing people. You are lucky enough to have Sarina, Tracy and Pablo to help organize events for you and to fight for your cause. I hope you know how important you are to so many people...that for even a brief moment, you have touched so many lives, maybe even changed a few. We love you Ashton! Keep fighting tough guy!
brad bennett
Ashton, i know your dad real well and work with him. Your mom as awesome as well hi gina!. also your brother and sister.  you couldn't be in better hands or with a more loving family! Someday you will find out the massive amount of friends and caregivers you have been blessed with :)  Stay strong little man. Love, Brad
Stan Joseph
Are prayers are with you, and I have added your site to my Face Book I hope it will help!
The COTA Staff
We are happy to be working with you!